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Busting Flossing Myths

Dentist encourages us to floss daily but, to many, it feels like a long and painful process. Flossing, however, can actually help in oral health and is a ritual one needs to follow regularly. There’s a misconception that floss is something that can be missed and if you feel the same read on to learn the truth about flossing.

Myth: Flossing is tricky

Flossing can seem difficult but it is even easier than before. Your dental hygienist can help you show the basic flossing technique. However, if you find flossing difficult, you can opt for a floss holder. For many people, a floss holder is easier to manage as it uses just one hand. This can also make difficult to reach cervices easier to floss.

Myth: You should only floss when food is stuck in-between your teeth

Flossing removes food particle from in-between your teeth but that isn’t the only reason one should floss. Regular flossing removes dental plaque from your teeth too. If the plaque isn’t removed from between your teeth, it can lead to gum inflammation and further leading to gum disease, tooth decay and even tooth loss. So, it is important that you floss everyday and not just when the food gets stuck in-between your teeth.

Myth: Flossing is Unpleasant

Flossing shouldn’t be painful at all if you have a healthy mouth. If you have gum disease, however, flossing can be uncomfortable but regular flossing can make the process less painful.

Myth: Flossing makes Receding Gums Worse

Flossing doesn’t aggravate the receding gums. Flossing prevents the gums from receding as it removes the food particle stuck between the gum lines. Thus, it is essential that people with hereditary gums disease makes flossing regular.

Myth: Stop flossing when the gum bleeds

Sometimes when people floss, their gums start to bleed. This can be terrifying but this doesn’t mean you should give up flossing.
Bleeding when you floss doesn’t mean that you have an oral health problem but the reason may be as simple as flossing enthusiastically. If you feel that you are bleeding more than normal, getting a few pointers from your dental hygienist can help. If you suffer from gum disease, talk to your dentist and schedule an appointment.

Myth: Can’t floss because the teeth are tight

Flossing between teeth with little space can be challenging but that doesn’t mean that you should miss this important ritual. Adjusting the flossing technique can help and ease the flossing practice.
One can also try waxed floss as these are slippery that can slide easily and be used on the tight teeth. You can also go for thinner floss.

Myth: I shouldn’t floss

Only 5 percent of people regularly. However, it is important to floss regularly and every day.  Unless your dentist says otherwise, regular flossing should be a part of your oral hygiene.

If you have any queries about flossing, Ray Lawson Dentistry can provide you the right answer.