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5 Reasons To Get Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth whitening is an effective way to help lighten your teeth. Although teeth whitening won’t change the color greatly but will lighten the shade of your teeth. Teeth whitening can help you gain confidence by making your smile brighter. However, many find teeth whitening to be harmful but it’s far from the truth.

Why is my teeth discolored?

Your teeth can lose it brightness or get discolored due to number of reasons:

  • Food & Drink- Some of the drinks that can cause stain are coffee, tea and red wine. As these drinks have intense color pigments that gets attached to the white of teeth.
  • Tobacco Use– As tobacco contains two chemicals namely tar and nicotine. Both the chemicals stains the surface of the teeth.
  • Age- The enamel or the outer layer of teeth gets thinner with age due to brushing.
  • Medication- Many medications like antihistamines, analgesic can darken the teeth tooth. Tetracycline can cause discoloration in infants.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Whitening products contain two bleaches namely- hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These bleaches can help break stains and make your teeth whiter.

Getting your teeth whitened can be beneficial for number for reasons, here are top five reasons to get it:

  1. Discoloration- Discoloration is caused due to plaque and tartar. Sometimes health issues like diabetes can lead to discolored teeth too.
  2. Special Occasion- A brighter smile for a special occasion is a must and it can help your teeth look healthy for an upcoming special occasion. Whether it’s your wedding or you are graduating or you are celebrating your birthday, teeth whitening can surely make your occasion worthwhile and help you look your best.
  3. Boost Self-Confidence- If you feel insecure about smiling or try to hide your smile, teeth whitening can really boost your self-confidence. Stained teeth can make you feel self-conscious about expressing your feeling to the world. The right teeth whitening solution can help you with this.

Why is Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment better than OTC Treatment?

Now that we know the reasons to get your teeth whitened, let us see three reasons why professional teeth whitening treatment in Brampton is a way to go:

  1. Get even results- You may have seen this but at-home whitening teeth can result in uneven whitening due to the solution not making contact with all teeth. A better way to get the best results is by talking to your dentist as they can give a better prediction of how your teeth will react to bleaching. Another thing to remember is that natural teeth respond better to teeth whitening.
  2. Minimize Tooth Sensitivity- Over the counter teeth whitening treatment can cause sensitivity. A professional in-office teeth whitening, however, doesn’t cause any issues.
  3. Avoid damage to your teeth- Another thing that you won’t find when you go for a in-home whitening treatment and get when you go for a professional care is that your dentist will identify whether your teeth and gums are healthy for the same. The products used in tooth whitening can damage your teeth if you have:
  • Eroded tooth enamel
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Or any other dental work
  1. Enjoy faster results- Usually at-home kits have lower concentrate of peroxide that’s why it can take forever to show results also the effect won’t last too long. Professional teeth whitening consists of thorough cleaning thus making the process more effective.
  2. Protect your gums- Most of the bleaching products contains peroxide which is safe for teeth but sometimes cause irritation to the soft tissues.

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