5 Reasons You Should Consider Dental Implants

Tooth loss is the most common problem adults face nowadays. Let’s face it, everyone is going to lose their tooth at some point in life. There are number of factor which leads to tooth loss like tooth decay, severe gum disease or accident which lead to breaking of the tooth. Gaps in your smile can look displeasing and feel less confident about yourself. If you find yourself hiding your smile due to this reason, dental implant can really help. Dental implants are a part of affordable dental services in Brampton.

What are dental implants?

These simply take the place of the tooth that is missing or you might have damaged. Dental Implants consists of three parts:

  • Crown – This is “imitates” your natural tooth and is made of ceramic material.
  • Connector – Also known as abutment, this is secures the crown of the implant to the base and is hexagonal in shape.
  • Base – This part fuses with your natural bone for a stable base and is made of titanium.

One implant can easily support several crowns and can, in severe cases, restore the entire set of teeth too.

Here are five reasons you could need dental implant treatment in Brampton:

  • Implants last forever– In case of dentures, it needs to be repaired or replaced often but you won’t have this issue with implants. You can brush and even floss your implants to keep it clean but that’s about it. These can even last you a lifetime.
  • Implants look natural– Your natural teeth have roots and this hold them in your jawbone. In case of dental implant, the implant will replace the root and fuse with your jawbone, making it permanent like your natural tooth. The crown at the top of the implant emulates natural tooth, so no one can tell the difference, until you tell them so.
  • Implant prevent Bone Loss– You need to stimulate your bones to keep them healthy. The jawbone is stimulated by teeth and if teeth are damaged, the bone structure can deteriorate. Dental implant stabilizes your jaw and stops this from happening. However, bridgework or removal dentures won’t stop bone loss, so it is best to go for dental implant in case of tooth loss.
  • Easy to look after– Dental implants are fused into your jawbone so you won’t be needing any kind of adhesives or creams. You don’t have to remove them unlike dentures too. Keep in mind that you must take extra care of your gums because if you develop gum disease, your implants will fail.
  • Implants are better– Unlike dental bridge that can cause decay due to pressure, dental implants doesn’t need any support from your teeth. Even partial dentures needs adjacent teeth to hold them which lead to loosening of these teeth. Dental implants have no adverse effects.
  • If you have suffered a tooth loss, visit best dentist in Brampton and get your smile fixed cause we believe in making beautiful smiles a reality.