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Swollen Face? You Might Need Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The third molars or as popularly named “wisdom teeth” are infamous for severe discomfort it causes. This is because the wisdom tooth appears later in life between the age of 17 and 24. Many times, however, the wisdom tooth fails to grow out or make a partial appearance.This phenomenon can lead to severe discomfort and this is the right time to get your wisdom tooth extracted. Getting a professional opinion first is important as it can hinder with your daily life.

Before we go any further, we need to understand why does it take long for wisdom teeth to erupt? Although not much is known as to why this takes longer than other teeth, we can spot when one is making an appearance:

Few of the signs you should look after:

  • Pain in the jaw
  • Swollen face and gums
  • Neck pain
  • Lasting headaches/earaches

Tooth development takes place in such an organized way from baby teeth to adult teeth over the course of years, it is strange that wisdom teeth takes more time to erupt.

When does your wisdom tooth come in?

You get your adult teeth by the age of 6 years and above. Wisdom teeth, however, are the last teeth to enter the oral cavity.
Not everybody gets there wisdom tooth and for many, the number of teeth can be anywhere from one to four.
Most of the time, wisdom teeth coming in can cause trouble too. If it does come into a correct position they can develop into a partially functional position, which can create even more problems.
A partial eruption can lead to an impacted tooth and during the process of growing out it can cause various uncomfortable symptoms.

Here are six symptoms that you may be in need of a wisdom tooth extraction in Brampton:

  • Infected Gums- During the wisdom tooth extraction, a flap of gum tissue is formed. Germs and food debris gets trapped in these flaps and cause infection. This leads to pericoronitis and happens even when the tooth isn’t fully visible.
  • Tooth Decay- Wisdom teeth can be difficult to clean due to its position (being at the back of the mouth). This further leads to pockets where bacteria grow, which causes infection and cavities.
  • Cyst Formation- When a sac-like pocket starts forming next to your wisdom tooth, it is called a cyst. An untreated cyst can lead to a plethora of issues and destroy teeth roots and bone.
  • Bad breath- Unpleasant mouth odor is caused by a number of issues and neglected dental problem is one of them. An impacted wisdom tooth can trap food and as it is hard to clean, it may lead to infection.
  • Swollen and sore lymph nodes- Many experience swollen lymph nodes along with the stiffness of the jaw and the neck by infection.Impacted wisdom teeth don’t show symptoms and thus not many realize that they have it.
  • Swelling- The first sign of wisdom tooth coming is immense irritation and is caused as they enter the hollow of the gums. Swollen tissue can cause trouble when you bite down as that can come in between and lead to inflammation.

Also, impacted wisdom teeth are blocked by the jawbone and the lengthen swelling becomes a bigger issue.
Thus it is imperative that you see a dentist when one of these symptoms starts to surface. Visit the best dentist in Brampton to get your wisdom tooth extracted.